This post is part of the calibration series.

When using diffent materials, the hotend behaves diffent.

For 275, 250 and 200 °C the calibration command is:

M303 E0 S275 C8
M303 E0 S250 C8
M303 E0 S225 C8

Resulting in:

M301 P9.48 I0.57 D39.56
M301 P13.85 I0.84 D57.03  
M301 P10.23 I0.63 D41.65

With the part cooling fan on:

M106 S100

M301 xxx
M301 xxxx
M301 P5.76 I0.24 D35.18

The bed parameters fo 30°C and 120°C

M303 E-1 S30 C5
M303 E-1 S40 C5
M303 E-1 S120 C5
M304 P6.94 I0.14 D226.47
M304 P7.99 I0.37 D113.77
M304 P8.49 I0.95 D50.39