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Configuring openldap

This article is a copy of Installing openldap just to make sure I have it always. I am skipping the installing stuff, that is straight forward. Table of contents Installing Add users and directories Create OpenLDAP Systemd Service Create OpenLDAP SUDO Schema Update SLAPD Database Running SLAPD Service Configure OpenLDAP Logging on CentOS 8 Create OpenLDAP Default Root DN Configure OpenLDAP with SSL/TLS Create OpenLDAP Base DN Create OpenLDAP User Accounts Setting password for LDAP User Create OpenLDAP Bind DN and Bind DN User Allow OpenLDAP Service on Firewall Testing OpenLDAP Authentication Installing Openldap is not available as an RPM package, therefor it is build from source.
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Firefly 8s remote control cable

Before the information gets lost on those Chinese sites ;-). I copied it for myself and the rest of the world:

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SELinux did it again

Finally found out why the automatic update did not work, SELinux. The first thing I say to my colleges when on linux and the rights are ok, check for SElinux, and what am I doing…

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Flac to M4a

When searching online to import FLAC into iTunes, the computer says NO. Way to go Apple, NOT!!!

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Apache Speedup

I found that the blog loaded slow, yeah right, slow server, slow internet connection. Nope… well could but not likely.

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