This is the time line of programming languages I know and projects I did

Visual Code, platfromio, esp32 and “power electronics”: since 2020

Because I wanted a new desklight with high cri ledstrips and multiple colour temparatures. The start and end postions had to be variable and controlable via a single rotatry button (with builtin switch) and the idication of the ‘menu’ had to be a neopixel. Neo pixel off: dim the leds; green: change the start position; purple: change the length; blue: change the colour temperature. It is also controllabel via http requests. Hosted on Github desktlight .

Python: since 2018

At my current job the scripting language switched from Perl/Bash to python, so I had to learn it. The most recent substantial thing I did in python was the port of eyefiserver from python 2 to python 3. Hosted on Github eyefi2 .

Opnsense: since 2018

My firewall at home…

Java: since 2002

On and of I did some Java progaming and I am a java certifed progammer (had to do the cource).

XML, XSLT: since 2002

XML is not that hard, XML Schema either. XSLT is an other way of thinking!

C++: since 2001

Once you know C, C++ isn’t that hard.

SQL: since 2001

Oracle, MSSQL, MySql, postgresql

PHP: since 2000

HTML, XHTML, CSS: since 1990

Perl: since 1997

Delphi: since 1990-2001 and 2006-2008

Perl: since 1997

Started with Linux in the same year

RedHat Certified Engineer since 2005, not valid anymore, but I am very experienced in Red Hat linux. My current server is Centos 8 with ZFS and docker, I have no use for kubernetes at home (just one server and it is of no use to make vm’s on it (a wast of resources)! Experinced in creating rpm’s also with install depenencies.

Pascal, Modula-2: 1987-1990

C: since 1987

Assembler ( ARM, 65(C)02, 68000, 8051, F66 (Siemens), 288 (Medtronic) ): since 1980