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Some tools to help speed things up

I found that the blog loaded slow, yeah right, slow server, slow internet connection. Nope… well could but not likely.

Adding cache expire tags to files was quite a simple thing, just add the following to your .htacces file

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Update wordpress on the command line

Just for my backup, login to the wordpress server, and change to the root of where you have wordpress living, I was lazy and chose the default CENTOS apache directory. .. code-block:

Get the latest and greatest. .. code-block:

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Samba server not showing in the “Networks” folder

I finally solved my problem of not seeing my linux samba server in the windows “Networks” folder. I could access it by its hostname and/or ip-address, but I could not browse to it. So keeping all windows and linux settings the same (apart from its workgroup name) is default it still did not work. Hacking arround with windows settings, no change. Changing linux samba setting, no change. But net view did show both the windows and linux machines. Then I read some article about having short workgroup names, I thought: “Nah, that can’t be it.” But I gave it a go and just added “GRP” to it, making it more than 6 characters and guess what, that was it all along.

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From FLAC to m4a for free using linux

When searching online to import FLAC into iTunes, the computer says NO. Way to go Apple, NOT!!! Searching further I google came with all sorts of non free programs to convert the files, I said NO!!! Doing some more searches by ading Linux I came to the following result:

I opened a terminal (putty) and converted the files for her and added them to iTunes and now they are on her iPhone, for FREE!!!

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